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S5-Ep191 - Parenting Type 1: Uninvolved Parenting

July 6, 2019



 From BrightHorizons.com – and you can go to our podcast website to take a look at the show notes should you want to look a little deeper.

Uninvolved parents give children a lot of freedom and generally stay out of their way. Some parents may make a conscious decision to parent in this way, while others are less interested in parenting or unsure of what to do.

Now I’m going to assume that if you’re here, if you’re listening, if you’re one of us, you’re probably not this guy or gal. 

  But if you are someone who feels like this describes you a little bit, then great. You have the easy task.

  And for all you humble-braggers out there, you just wait. I say the ‘uninvolved parents’ have the easy task because as we move to the other 3 types of parenting – it just gets harder.

The first thing you can do is set some expectations for your children.

This is key. So for someone working on this – write some shit down in your phone. Pause the podcast if you have some ideas now. If you don’t, please keep thinking of some. Now expectations may seem like the opposite of what you wanted to do. Raising kids who figure the world out for themselves is important. But you don’t teach them to swim by throwing them in a pool either, so start small. Anyway, kids like boundaries and the world rewards kids that can stay within them. That’s a truth that free range parents need to learn.

Set chores if that’s all you can think of. Feed the dog. Walk the cat. Take your plate to the sink. I don’t judge. But make sure they do it.

This little thing (the chore itself and the making sure they do it) keeps you communicating to your kids (which is what they may need out of you), it nurtures them: sharing is caring right? – so you’re sharing your time and energy and that’s called nurturing.