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S5-Ep190 - The 4 Parenting Types - An Introduction

July 5, 2019

 First it was helicopter, then tiger moms, now bulldozer parenting. And all of them are turning out kids that have some serious issue. Now overall I’m not taking a stance on any of those, in fact over time, we tend to churn out better and better people. I mean just look at the current crop of 70 year olds in powerful positions and you’ll get an idea of what I mean. It’s not the millennials killing the world right now.  


  So obviously we can’t rely on the past. But the good news is that it’s pretty well researched and concluded that most parents can be grouped into 4 areas. And one of these areas is the place to be.

   Easy right!?!?! I mean all we have to do is just do all the things that will get us in the one – right way to parent group.  Easy! Except it’s not. I’ve been trying. For a while.

And even if you succeed in being the perfect parent today – things are going to change tomorrow. Your kids will push the rules a bit further, or the next grade will present different challenges that you’re not prepared for.

So over the next week we’ll talk about each one. And it’ll be a framework for what actions we can take to make each day a little better. It’s also good for judging – and I joke about it – kind of. Everyone knows that set of parents out there who’s letting their kids run free across the neighborhood. Even in 2018 I recently heard a story (of a local  kid, age 4, I actually know this kid), who was found a few blocks from his house by their regular babysitter. Age 4! It still happens. So neglectful, low control, on your own parenting is probably a pretty easy example of what not to do.  We’ll cover ‘Uninvolved’ (air quotes) tomorrow and build towards the ‘responsive, warm, reciprocal parenting that will set your kids up the most for success.