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S5-Ep188 - Who Do Kids Imitate?

July 3, 2019

 James Clear is a self help author and all over the internet right now - and for good reason: The guy is locked in on some really honest and helpful stuff. And his book ‘Atomic Habits’ he writes (p116)

                So in this case we the parents are the close and the powerful. The “many” comes later in life with friends, but for now, we’re close and we’re powerful to our kids. And to me those are two of the most awesome thing about being a father. I’m totally going to miss it when they don’t want to be so close and when they don’t think that their dad can fix anything and has all the answers. For Real. I’m sad even thinking about those moments when they’re older.

 Which is why I need to be the best I can be right now. And that starts with self awareness.

   You can’t fix what’s wrong until you take a look at yourself first. And there’s no judgement here – I just need you to have an inner dialog / an inner conversation.

Since we model through our own actions, consider how you:

  • Express anger
  • Treat other people
  • Celebrate special occasions.
  • Take care of yourself? (what you eat, how much you exercise, balance your commitments)

Pick one of those areas (read them again) and the reason you probably picked it is because you thought you could do better. Now go forward into today and thinking about your “area to work on” and just try to be a little better. And here’s the parenting angle to it: Tell your kid what you’re doing – If you’re working on eating better (a common thing here in early January) tell your kid that you’re eating this healthy dinner to take care of yourself. Kids may model behavior – but they can miss the things right in front of them sometimes – so bring it up to them. That’s all for today. Thanks.R