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S5-Ep186 - What does Hustle have to do with Parenting?

July 1, 2019

 Today’s episode is intended to be short and to the point. Sorry if it seems rushed or too direct. It’s truth. You need to hear it. Here’s the thing. There are people out there, watching 20 YT videos this week. All of them on motivation, and on life hacks. But they will never succeed. And it hurts to say that. They will continue to fail at many things they do in life – over and over.

  And they don’t lack talent. So what do they lack?

  I think that they lack two things. Hustle and self-awareness. Gary Vee talks about them all the time, so props to Gary Vee for putting out genuine content and being real. And while he’s a whole lot more personable than me, I don’t let that stop me from putting out content. I try to hustle it out there. And maybe over the years we’ll find some other cooler people that you want to hear from. But for now, For now, I hustle as much as I can. To spend that time with my kids, and to spend that time thinking of podcast episodes to change the course of humanity- just by a sliver. To change the world through our kids.

And that’s what you need to do – You want parenting tips – here it is. Hustle. Hustle is the opposite of playing candy crush. Maybe go to the bar a few less times a week. Sorry. It’s the truth. And I get it, we all need downtime, but if you want your kid to be on their phones all the time here in a few years, you’re doing a good job. If you’re complaining about how your kids don’t respect you – hustle. Earn their respect. Sit with them. You won’t have fixed everything tomorrow. But today you can set the timer on your phone for 10 minutes and go do whatever he/she wants you to do with them. Go do it. Go set that timer.