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S5-Ep180 - The Future Of This Podcast

June 25, 2019

 The past 180 days have been interesting, enlightening, hard, and rewarding. And that’s just for me – I hope you got a few of those rewards as well. First we really appreciate all the listens and all of the sharing that you have done. It’s been 6 months of daily stories and lessons, and it’s helped me become a better parent.

 But at this point, I’m still just one father, watching, learning, researching and podcasting about it. At this point I’m running a charity, not a business.

   And while I don’t think I can sustain daily updates and lessons for the next 6 months, I think that we can start this next phase of the podcast by replaying all of the first 6 months. First, a lot of our listeners are newer. Certainly newer than the original 30 episodes I created. And in that first 30 we hit on some truths. Some really important lessons. It will be impactful to hear them again, or for the first time.

Tomorrow will be a special – never before heard – the original episode 1. I didn’t get it released when I started this last December.

And after that this podcast will repeat.  So when Episode 182 comes out; it will actually be the original episode 2. Episode 183 – the original #3. Because there have been a previous 180 originals.

Repetition makes things sink in better. They often say you have to hear things 3 times before it sinks in. And I bet that even if you got it the first time, you will be so much further along this time that you’ll see it all in a new, better light.

  In the meantime I will be trying to find a way to continue this podcast – either through a bigger audience, partnership, or something else. If we restart with new episodes, I’ll be happy to jump into the repeating episodes to tell you where to find new content.

  To end, I’ll continue with Tim Cook’s Stanford commencement speech that I mentioned yesterday: You will never be ready. But you can be prepared.

  That’s parenting too: You’re never fully ready. To have them, to raise them, to let them go into the world. But we can try to help you be prepared.

Thank You.