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S5-Ep178 - Why it has to be so hard.

June 23, 2019

Last week I was gone on business. Mrs Fastcast was there to get the kids to school. To pick them up. To prove that your tax dollars go to people who work hard. And was all going well.

 Which is always how it goes, until you get that voicemail with a voice choking back tears.

  Emotions can run deep. They can pile up. Why does it all have to be so hard? // I get asked.

And the answer is that life doesn’t get easier as we get better at it. That’s from episode 96 and it’s applicable to us as parents as well as children. When we get better at parenting, it doesn’t get easier – it’s just that our children get better. And that’s my constant goal.

And there are other answers to “why does it all have to be so hard?”

Episode 47 handles parents who dote over their children’s every move. We all feel like this at times – why do  you ask me for everything kid?! And it’s because we let them. Episode 47 says, Children need to experience added value as a contributor to the mission of family rather than being treated as ornaments hung on the family tree.”

“why does it all have to be so hard?”

It’s because you’re obsessed with winning. But Episode 39 talks about being obsessed with losing. That’s what we should be doing at this point in our children’s lives. There’s no better time for your child to fail then the present. The cost is always higher tomorrow.

“why does it all have to be so hard?”

It may be because you have defaulted to no all the time. Episode 72 calls on us to “default to yes”. The quick lesson is to control what’s important. Let them handle the rest.

“why does it all have to be so hard?”

Because everything worth doing – is hard