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S5-Ep174 - We are more important than we think

June 19, 2019

 Self care is a thing. So much of a thing, and an important aspect of our parenting success that I wanted to bring it back up today and talk about a little shift in my mindset that’s been working for me.

But first a little story about what it’s not – it’s not going to a t-ball team – end of season party at a local restaurant and sitting at the bar while your kids run amuck around the place and disturb everyone and everything. If being social is important to you, I understand. But you birthed this child, and that means you choose this. So pay attention!

And I tried to find other helpful ideas, because my little shift in mindset wasn’t enough to fill 3 minutes of dead air, and all I found were really stupid ideas. Article sections titled, “Celebrate the mistakes that are part of success.” And “Laugh” and my new least favorite idea and headline, “Buy an new outfit if it motivates you to exercise!”

 But there was one good idea and it helped me figure out what I’d been doing lately.

   That was to change how  you prioritize.

And my story is that work has sucked lately. I have had zero motivation to do it. What I’m doing seems trivial, but it’s time sensitive as the previous team already wasted 3 months of our time and we’re over our contractual deadline.

But I told myself – fuck it I’m working as hard as I can. And that final nail in the coffin made me prioritize myself.

Priorizing my health is important, but the hierarchy in my brain was work over top of me.

This literally put me back above my work.

And sometimes that’s all we need.

Tomorrow I’ll go to work and continue to try and finish it, same as the day before, but I will have a little more positive mental health because I’m prioritizing me.