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S5-Ep173 - A life free of stumbles.

June 18, 2019

 Today’s stories are about bikes and briefs. Luckily, not at the same time.



First thing first, I was doing that thing that Dads do today – Helping my youngest try out a pedal bike. That activity that involves walking at pace fast enough to make you breath fast, but slow enough that you look really awkward when doing it. I pushed him fast enough to keep stable, but caught him every time he started to wobble.

But when he got to a stop and had his toes down, from a stop, I let him try to catch his balance and his bike.

But he toppled over instead. And crying ensued.

I wondered if I was a bad parent for a second. I didn’t feel real bad. The bike scraped his knee a bit.

But luckily I read an article a while back which pointed out a key thing about life, and parenting.

 There’s no such thing as a life free of stumbles, mistakes, unfairness and failures. Failures make us human.

   So we need to tell our kids “Failure is how we learn and I’m proud of you when you do fail and learn something from it”.

I could have been more clear this evening when the knee got scraped, but I don’t think he wanted to hear it.

Still it’s an important lesson we need to keep in our minds as parents and one that our kids will eventually hear through their non-listening ears.

And that other story on briefs.

Well while my 3 year old is trying to ride a bike, my 6 year old forgot to put his briefs on getting into pajamas tonight. I started to be incredulous towards him, you know, “C’mon dude – how do you forget your underroos?”

But I let it go. I let him fail and figure it out.

The rest of the article talks about leading by example, and that means admitting failures to our children as well.

And to that side, we as parents are not only charged with a crazy important job: crafting our children and the culture of what the future is but also with walking the walk. (Per the article) “to live modestly; to know that you’re not the center of the universe or even your family, tribe, or group.”

If parenting was just giving directions on riding a bike or getting dressed – oh how easy this would be. All we’d have to do is make them follow those directions! But it turns out living our best life isn’t done on Instagram. It’s done by modelling good behavior – and that should make you feel great about yourself when you do it!