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S5-Ep172 - 3 Things to do with your Child today (June)

June 17, 2019

 It’s time for a recurring feature today. The monthly ‘3 things to do’ series hopefully provides you a few different ideas of ways to connect with your kids.

 Let’s dive right into them this month.


  1. Go on a walk. That’s an easy one. But here’s a twist. Play I spy while you do it. I spy something big or something small. I spy something blue or something green. I spy something fast or something slow. Alive or dead. There are plenty of other things besides colors which you can spy. And I can almost guarantee you that you’ll strike up a conversation on something. Whether it’s some trash you see and pickup together or a turtle you see (did you know Turtles don’t have ears, but they’re not deaf. Thin flaps of skin cover internal ear bones, which receive vibrations and low-frequency sounds.) You’re the parent and you will be looked up to by your 6 year old because you know cool facts about turtles.
  2. Create a sand timer. This one is a bit of a project, but nothing worth doing comes easy. Roughly, this includes two coke bottles, some sand, and a piece of foil across the opening of the bottles. You poke a hole in the foil, and measure out how much sand goes through in a minute. Then you put this sand in between two bottles, put the foil between them and tape the tops of the bottles together so you can flip it up or down. Now your kid knows what a minute is. They have a cool device (and a memory with you) to see it. You and I know what a minute is. A kid doesn’t. This helps them see it.


  1. Tell them that they did enough. This is from our TED talk a few days ago. Tell them that you love them, however they are. And find something where they did enough. Tell them, “thanks, You’ve done enough, you may go play or eat or go, or whatever they want to do. Tell them that they did enough.”