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S5-Ep167 - Your parenting is not validated by their test scores.

June 12, 2019

 Viewer discretion advised. Today’s counsel comes from Jay Shetty. Jay Shetty is the man. And when I say “the man” I really mean he’s the man at making us feel like we don’t know shit. Yea, we want to live our lives in the right way. We want to find happiness deep inside of us that’s strong enough to battle, and beat, the demons. We want to look to people who have it figured out and are willing to give us the advice for free.

That’s Jay Shetty.

But you can say some pretty clichéd things on the internet and you’ll get a pretty big following.

 So I need your help to figure out if what he says is true, false, or somewhere in the middle.

   He says,

                ▪ Your worth is not defined by your kids bank balance. Your parenting is not validated by their test scores. Your success is not based on the car they drive.

                                ▪ What matters is the relationship with them.

                                ▪ If money power and fame didn't exist would you be happy with who your children are?

                                ▪ We're covering our insecurities with their success.


Remember what I needed help with? Is it true, false, or in the middle?
If you’re a listener of this channel, I think you’re smart enough to get the right answer. In the middle. Life is not black or white. It’s grey.

And while our relationship matters the most with our kids - that friendship relationship is one that you have to keep at arms length.
Are we covering our insecurities with our children’s successes? Maybe, but we all cover our insecurities with something. It’s better than booze, and it’ll make a lasting impact on the human race should we raise a successful nurse, receptionist, or banker. Remember nurses, receptionsists, and bankers turn out to be parents too. 

 But there are some good lessons – And one that we’ll get into tomorrow as well – let’s not limit our kids to the very narrow subset of careers that enable ultra high bank balances, or provide fancy cars.

Let’s love them for who they are and build a nice foundation for whatever success looks like for them.