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S5-Ep164 - The Five Factors of Your Kid (Part 3)

June 9, 2019

 This week we started in to the 5 factors of personality. Do you remember part 2 from yesterday? Correct. Conscientiousness. That efficient & organized attitude vs that easy going and careless attitude.

I concede on this one that raising highly conscientious kids is likely the proper goal here, but we all fall in the middle of that scale somewhere.

 But today we talk about extraversion.

   And when my now 6 year old was 2-3 years old, and being our little prince, and being the only one at the times, AND being around two more introverted than extraverted people – I found it completely understandable that he was very slow to open up or get comfortable in new surroundings with new people.

And I thought he would be like that well into middle school.
But, credit to my wife, we got him out there and did a variety of activities. When we took him to open gym time in the winter, we said, go have fun, and left it at that. Sure we’d comfort him in the beginning, but the goal was always to get him, maybe even require him, to break free.

And last year on the first day of school, and with some preparation, he walked into his classroom and sat down and opened a book and didn’t look back.
He’s still a ‘reflective’ personality. He’s still a bit aloof, and reserved, but we know that know. We, as parents, know that we can push him to be bigger than his feelings, and he has the confidence to believe that in himself.


Those are the wins you should be shooting for. It’s easy to shoot for best math student, best baseball player, or most funny/popular. It’s the getting them to be introverted or be extraverted, but be that on their own. Those are the wins we should be shooting for