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S5-Ep160 - Wait – Helicopter Parenting Works?

June 5, 2019


 Based off of a New York Times article, this article includes the obligatory clickbait headline.
And that’s the problem with today’s information – people judge the book by it’s cover. They justify their thoughts by a headline.

So more than just having The Parenting Fastcast get you the details, the guts of the article, we hope to be your trusted source. But that means we have to dive deeper.

 So what’s this article really say?

   Well it turns out that at its most basic it says that parents who spend time with their kids help their kids succeed. Parents who are active in parenting raise more successful kids.  And if that’s the wide definition of helicopter parenting that they want to use then I’m all for it. Increasing hands-on caregiving – that’s a good thing.

That’ll get you about 50% of the way there. So for all you mothers and fathers out there killing yourself over parenting – it’s a good start. For the uninvolved fathers out there – we need to work on it.

And the other points of the article are that there are more successful parents than others. And the drill sergeant parent we talked about in the VERY beginning of Season 5 isn’t it. It’s the “authoritative” parent that is the winner. It’s them that set their kids up for success, and a lifetime of increased salary, and happier lives.

Remember authoritative parents “use reasoning to persuade kids to do things that are good for them.”


So keep on listening here and we’ll keep on giving advice on ways to talk with your kids. Reason with them even if they don’t seem to reason on their own, and hopefully, just hopefully. We’ll change the next generation for the better.