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S5-Ep159 - Don’t give your kids soda.

June 4, 2019

 There are a lot of good things about growing up in the Midwest. But this is the place where I seem to find kids happily munching on tater tots. Given their own steak at the dinner table, and playing video games.
And I know that’s not all true. Kids play video games across the country. But when you’re biased against something – you’re biased.

But when I run into a family member or am at a friends house and a kid has his or her own McDonald’s cup – with coke. I just cringe.

 That’s one of my biggest pet peeves: Kids drinking soda.  

   And this is a great episode because I could use it in all seasons. Season 5 – for 5 year olds. Season 13 for teenagers. And so on.

And there are 3 good reasons.

  • It’s not good for your kid to get the constant sweetness of cokes as their defacto flavor. Other things pale in comparison after your taste buds are bombarded with the acid. Add addictive caffeine, no nutritional value, and MSG and you have no reason to want it.
  • It literally rotted the teeth out of a family member of mine. Carbonated beverages, plus sugar, plus soft enamel equals no more teeth.
  • Telling them no to something is practically the definition of being a parent. If you give in to them all the time – you’re not a parent. You get to set some boundaries. You get to say, this isn’t acceptable in my world (And it would go a LOT further if you too didn’t drink it in front of them).

And yes, if you go the internet you can find contrary articles. That’s you justifying it. Just know that.

But think about it. Really think about it. Think about something you’d never let your kid do – that’s what cokes are. They are that thing, you may not realize it yet.