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S5-Ep156 - How Kids Work

June 1, 2019

 Today’s episode is on how kids work. I don’t mean how they work in a factory, thank the Lord. That’s something to be thankful for today. What I mean is that I see parents who struggle with their children. They struggle with hitting, or in my case, my 6 year old not picking up all the mud from his shoes after I asked him three times to do so. They struggle with not playing with other children well. They struggle with school work.

 And my mind goes back to basics- Here’s how kids work.

   Disclaimer. This is an oversimplified version. Don’t try to tell me that it’s more complicated than this. I get it. I’m a parent.

But one: Your kids don’t rationalize: When they decide to drop everything and head outside because they saw their bike out the window (which they also simply left where they last dropped it). When they see that bike and want to play with it – it’s everything else be damned.

Two: They don’t think of consequences. And there are 90% of parents that I know that look at their kids incredulously after they do something stupid. We are like, “What did you expect to happen after you tore off all the paper from all the crayons.”  I’m totally guilty of that.

Three. They do let go.  When your kid goes to school tomorrow, he will mostly have forgotten all the kids who slighted her the day before. That’s something we don’t do as adults.

So next time you start in on your kid for something they did or didn’t do. Try to cut them some slack with this knowledge. Their brains develop from the back to the front. They’re not adults. Let’s try to have rules, stick to rules, enforce rules, but let’s also temper it with some love. That’s something we can (and should be doing) as adults! Love and logic.