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S5-Ep155 - One of those weeks.

May 31, 2019

 It’s been one of those weeks. One of those weeks where things happen in three’s. And it’s not usually the good things that happen in threes. The first two. Were bad. I won’t go into those. But it’s the third thing that has me fired up tonight. 

 My little man had to go get some stitches.

   We don’t have an urgent care where we live so a trip to the hospital adds drama.  But during what appears to be some rough play my kid got hit with a metal water bottle so hard it gauged his forehead. Not cool.

First, the nurses were great and my man was very brave. And my wife is very accommodating in times like this. “Oh it’s ok”, It’s not the other kids fault” “We’re ok”.

But I am telling myself it’s not ok. That I don’t have to be ok with it. And to be clear, I am ok with however the school wants to let kids play. And I’m ok with kids having to fall down to learn. And I’m ok with whatever goes on – until that line is crossed. Then I’m not ok with it.
And my lesson to other parents is that in today’s world there will be a lot of times where the culture and society wants you to be a certain way, and you may not be ok with it. Maybe it’s about covering up during breastfeeding. Maybe it’s on holding your kid back in school. Maybe it’s on the pressure from friends to do a birthday party that’s out of your comfort zone.

Have some courage. Say it’s not ok. But know that we all have to live together and move on from it. So don’t harbor the emotions. Forgive and forget (if you can). Make the best of it. Do your best at the same time as acknowledging your feelings.

That’s what I’m doing.