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S5-Ep153 - Where Are the Repercussions?

May 29, 2019

Where are the repercussions?!

And you might be thinking I’m going to start talking about a kid I saw bullying on the playground, but I’m taking today to talk about adults.

And this week, when I look around, I’ve been looking at sacrifices.
Specifically how I seem to be sacrificing and everyone else is living it up. Vacations. New cars. Dinners out.

Where are the reprocussions.

Yea, the economy is booming and when we look back on 2018-2019 I think we’ll see how good it was.

But for the majority of us trying to live within our means, eat healthy, and save for a rainy day. It’s hard.

And I think that people will feel those repercussions eventually. I think they’re still there. They’re just delayed.

 But I think I need to take heart yesterday’s lesson and make decisions for myself, not for others. And the bottom line is that we have to lead our children by example.

  So the sacrifices I’m making I’ll continue to tell myself are a good thing.

Sacrifices are great, at least I think so. And I’ve got a lot of practice in doing that, which makes it seem very foreign to other people when they lean I’m a vegan, and they go, “I couldn’t do that”. Yea. You could. You just need some practice. Mainly practice at flipping the script. Turning a negative into a positive. All your friends are eating chicken burritos, but you get the veggie. Guess what, it’s always cheaper. Flip the script.

So when we sacrifice for ourselves and we in turn tell our children about the choices them make. Like, “I chose to make you lunches so you can have more fruit in your lunch…. And I know you love fruits.” – we teach kids both what’s important to us, and that work is required to get it.


Since life will never be unlimited resources for us, let’s teach our kids how to live within our means. By example.