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S5-Ep151 - An environmentalist with a Land Rover

May 27, 2019

 There’s a meme out there that I hadn’t seen yet. Most likely, everyone else has, but here it goes.
“I don’t always take care of my kids” but when I do, I post it on Instagram.

And that reminded me of a story. There’s a mother whom I know who is a level 5 hippie. She writes for newspapers on ways to live holistic lives, she focuses on the right minerals to get in your body. Over the top stuff for most of us with normal-ish lives.

 So it was funny when I overheard her talking about how her Land Rover’s DVD players weren’t working and she needed to get some stand in replacements for a long trip. 

  Here’s an environmentalist who also drives a Land Rover. And here’s a woman so concerned with what her kids ingest through their mouths, but doesn’t care about what goes in their eyeballs.

Now I know a lot of parents put TV on in the car for their kids. My opinion is they probably shouldn’t, but I could be wrong. And if that’s your respite, it’s better than in the living room – on – all – day. But most likely all of the people that you read about, see on insta, give advice on the news, or write a book or a podcast – have some hypocrisy.

Be wary of the Level 5 hippies.

Give yourself a break, and know there will be times when you don’t want to parent.

Get your kids outside if they can be out there un-watched.

Get your kids to make something

Try to make the best of a bad situation, but still take care of yourself.

And on insta, try to find that balance between fake and real. But always be aware of the humblebrag.