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S5-Ep150 - Looking Forward

May 26, 2019

 As kids develop we need to develop with them. And while the fastest physical changes happen between day 1 and a 4 weeks – I mean, babies gains a lot of weight between birth and a month old. You can see it every day. When they become 6 years old we can barely perceive them as they happen. We have to look back to the beginning of the school year to really tell.

 But for the new 6 year old here’s what’s happening. Generally starting in school, they are asking themselves one question in their development. I mean they aren’t specifically repeating it in their head – but this one thing is ingrained into what they do. They’re asking “Can I make it in the world of people and things?”

   And that’s a powerful question. One that we parents need to develop with them.

My first thought on this is that no kid is a failure. This should seem obvious to most parents thinking about their own kid. But ask it about that other one eating glue in his class. Yea – we judge others. But no kid is a failure. They each have a different path.

This is what my mom told me. I may have been 25 or so, definietely pre kids, but I stored that one in the memory bank. It’s our job as parents to help them find their path. It may not be at math. It may not be at sports. It’s up to us.

Otherwise, one of the striking things I think happens from here to age 12 is that they

Start to think about the future.

It’s the looking forward that we can help with. So today ask your child what they’re looking forward to. A friends birthday. The end of school. The start of a vacation.
It helps your child understand his place in the world and we all learn how to set expectations for the future together.