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S5-Ep145 - Don’t waste this privilege…

May 21, 2019

 “You have the opportunity to choose a goal that is important to you and the privilege of failing with very little consequence. Don’t waste that privilege. “

   That was a quote from a James Clear email that just stuck with me.

It stuck with me because it parallels some of that advice from my favorite timeless parenting book “Love and Logic”. The time for failure is now. It is always more expensive to fail in the future than it is now.

   Here’s an example. If you’re a parent listening to this, you’re likely in the demographic of 25 to 40. So you have a few years on the teenage version of you. Think of something you failed at in high school. A test, A date, A lean in for a kiss.

Did you die? Nope, And I can guarantee you are 100% ecstatic that you aren’t here in 2019 and failing at your current test, date, or that kiss you could lean in for.

You are very happy that you learned that lesson when you did.

 So give your kids that opportunity.

Give your kids the opportunity to fail at feeding the dog. Give them the chance to fail at building that fort out of pillows. I watched my kid take a blanket and try to drape it across a 2 foot wide divide between the couch and the coffee table the other day. Nothing weighing the blanket down to the couch or coffee table. It was multiple attempts with the end result of the blanket sagging down to the floor between.

But I let him do it. We all want to jump in there and help our kids out.

But that’s called helicopter parenting.

I know that you all can do it. I believe in all of you. With a little practice, you will see confidence and maybe even a little grit.