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S5-Ep142 - Get rich, then do nothing

May 18, 2019

Yesterday we started into Esther Wojcicki’s lessons on how she has raised 2 CEOs and a doctor. And while we didn’t give away her one secret that will totally transform your kids (spoiler alert: there isn’t one little life hack that flips the switch), we already cemented life lesson #1. At the end of yesterday’s episode we said that it’s based on trying. Some people say “hard work” but I say “slow work” – slow work is simply trying every day.

 And the article I was initially drawn to was broken down into 3 lessons by her. But really they can almost be combined into one area.


Esther says she’s a doer. She says, “If everyone just sits around and talks, nothing gets done. I was always a doer.”

So that’s inline with what I say. You have to try, see, adjust.”

She says, “How many of us take up causes and show our kids, through our own behavior, how to fight for our communities?”

And I would say not many.

She writes, “It’s sad to say, but I’ve noticed more and more kids completely focused on themselves. Where they want to go to college, vacations they want to take, things they want to buy. Sometimes it feels like we’re training a nation and a world of narcissists, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that helicopter parenting has played a big role in this.”

And to that I think our podcast has some answers.
But one of the things I latch onto is this:

The American idea is all wrong

Kids are growing up feeling like they’re the center of the universe. As young adults, they’re not only lacking grit and independence …  they tend to focus on money, because they think it will make them happy and fulfilled. It’s the American idea: Get rich, then do nothing.


And that’s the culture I hope to change. I’m fine with everyone searching and working for happiness. But I think our culture has defined becoming Zuckerburg rich as it’s endgame. Well that endgame isn’t happiness.
So work with your kids to kill the old American Idea “Get rich, then do nothing” – and start a new one.