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S5-Ep141 - I raised 2 successful CEOs and a doctor…

May 17, 2019

 Esther Wojcicki is a rockstar. But not like Dave Grohl or Eddie Vedder. She’s a parenting rockstar. She has 3 daughters who all have, decent, jobs: You know. A CEO of Youtube, a professor of pediatrics and CEO of 23andMe.

Now, in contrast, when my kids say they want to be a trash man when they grow up (and this is plausible at this point – my little man really really loves sweeping), my wife says, I’ll be happy he has a job. And actually I think this is a great place to start with our expectations. Expecting that your child will be a CEO of a major tech firm has high odds that you will be disappointed.

 So did Esther Wojcicki start her children with a laser focus on maximum success for themselves?

   She did not. In fact, in her news blitz recently (as she has a book coming out), she talks a lot about getting kids to care about things other than themselves.

So over the next few days I’d like to go over some of the lessons that she talk about.

We’ll learn about some new lessons, and we’ll see that some of the things she talks about are lessons that we’ve been teaching here. So if you’ve been following some of our daily advice, and learning from our daily stories, fantastic – you’re on the right path – please please help someone else out and share this with your friends.


Because when I hear about a parent like this, I’m ready to listen. I’m ready to do. I’m telling myself, whatever lessons this parent wants to teach me, I’m ready to implement them!

Until she asks you to go out and volunteer for something in your community.
I don’t have time for that!!

And I think that’s how a lot of us will feel. Unwilling to do the work.

And you’re not alone. You’re not a bad parent because you don’t raise CEOs (like that’s the only measure of success in the world), and you’re not a failure if you don’t run for city councilwoman.

But you should try. Try something. Try small.

We’ll be back tomorrow with our dive into her thought