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S5-Ep140 - Green Spaces

May 16, 2019

 Amazing Read – I’ll post it in the show notes. And actually, now that I think about it – this article isn’t an amazing read. Don’t read it. But listen to this summary of the article. Follow the advice. Live a better life.

That’s it. We’re here to help and I think we can today.

Ok, so what’s this juicy piece of information that you have for us today?

Green space.

We all know intuitively that nature is good for us–but its precise impact on our well-being can be tough to articulate. An important new study has found that when children grow up surrounded by green space, they have 55% less risk of developing a wide range of mental health problems later in life.

  But I live in a city. But I work all the time. But I’m an older parent.

   Doesn’t matter. Controlling for all of those variables, The researchers were then able to show a correlation between one kid’s proximity to green space during childhood and that same person’s mental health problems like mood disorders, depression, and stress-related disorders as an adult.

This study was Danish. They ended up having good historical data and combined that with satellite images to determine green spaces.

It has important lessons in urban planning and building design. But the lesson to me is simple:
We intuitively know that nature helps us . be. So put your kids in a place for success. Take them to the park and bring a soccer ball. Heck, after reading this, I feel like going out and buying a few plants to put in the house to reduce the stress levels a fraction.

But figure out what works for you. Do the hard work – get out side when you don’t want to and enjoy that nature.