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S5-Ep139 - Count to Ten

May 15, 2019

Todays story is about my little man. My little man is 3 and a half and yes this podcast is mainly for the 5-7 crowd; I mean it is called season 5 right now because it’s for 5 year olds; but the lesson in the end applies to all ages. Pretty much all. Ages 2 to 20.

So my little man. He’s dropped his afternoon nap. So for all you parents with 5 year olds, you get to remember ‘back in the day’ when you had to go through this. And the little man has been getting picked up after work and promptly falling asleep on the 15 minute car ride home. Cutting to the chase, he’s slow to wake. So when you have to wake him from a good sleep at 630 pm, life can be rough for what feels like no reason.

Can we get you something to eat? No.

Can we start getting ready for bed? No.

So after we battled a little and got to brushing teeth, I was on duty. I sat in the bathroom and somehow talked my way into brushing. And I wasn’t upset, but I was aware that I may have been a bit short.

 So when he stopped mid brushing and asked to go over into his bedroom and get a drink of water (where his water cup is), I knew this was a fork in the road. I could push through and force him to finish – we’ll get some water in a minute. Or I could let it go.
Only because of the things I read and have to work on, did I let it go.

And it was like a switch flipped. He literally skipped out of the room singing some happy song and came back to finish brushing happy as a clam. 

  I was shocked. A night of battles was going to end like this.
Why? And I don’t know the real reason, but it was enabled because I knew enough to know that he wasn’t hurting anything and the only downside was a little time lost.

These little actions turn out to be terribly important. I’m guessing that if you take the lower class, uneducated household, that this goes a different direction. And these miniscule decisions, these forks in the road, when added up throughout their lives, turn out to be the difference between raising well balanced children and raising some of those people you see on Live PD.
It’s these little reasons that I work so hard to educate you all out there. And I need everyone out there to keep trying because you never know when it’s going to work.