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S5-Ep152 - Learn something about yourself.

May 28, 2019

The next few days will be about us. Us as parents.

Figuring out ourselves is a full time job, one that we don’t have time for. But we can try.

So where should we go to figure ourselves out?

If you force yourself to say the answer out loud – there’s only one. You.

But even if we find out that we actually believe in something – when we run into our father blasting the carbon tax, or our friends saying Uggs are the worst.  Well, we start to take what we learned about ourselves and throw it out the window.

And it’s this caring what other people think that hurts us, as adults.

 And the bottom line is that we have to lead by example. So if we want our kids to care and follow what other people think and do – easy. But if we want them to be independent thinkers, we need to lead.

   We can’t expect our children to be exceptional – better than normal, if we as adults do all the normal things, along with all the normal adults out there.
It’s super tough to stop caring what others think.

But there are some tactics which may be more simple than you think.

One. Surround yourself with more positive people. Talk to negative people less. That can be hard if it’s your best friend from 5th grade. Or your mom.

Two. Regret is the biggest poison. “I wish” is the toughest phrase we have for ourselves. I wish feels valid now, but it’s never true in the future. The 90 year old version of you wishes he/she was your age at this moment. Live life forward.


This is where life can get good for you. Because when you realize you’re making decisions not based on money or time, but really on opinions – then you’ve really learned something about yourself.